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10 de agosto de 2022

Feeling Philosophical? Deep Dive Into Human Consciousness Reveals Profound Conclusions

 Washington, D.C.- “Your feelings, your thoughts, your perceptions, your mind, can be accounted for by your brain's processes,” philosophical writer Robert Hamady states in his thought-provoking new book, You Are Some Piece of Work. “Consciousness is a biological process like digestion.”

In part one, Hamady breaks down six compelling neurological findings that indicate it is the brain, not the will, that produces actions. He follows this in part two with the six principal features, and the wonder, of consciousness.

“Nothing is more astonishing than a mental event,” Hamady writes. Readers can learn why in You Are Some Piece of Work, then marvel at their average day.

At 66 pages, You Are Some Piece of Work is a concise read on the supremacy of the brain vis-à-vis the mind.

“Awareness of your body grounds you in the present,” Hamady adds. “When you're in the present, you’re not in time. There is no past to be stressed about, no future to fear.”

Readers of You Are Some Piece of Work may never “think” about their brains the same way again.

About the Author

Robert Hamady is a philosophical writer whose focus is self-realization. He is a lawyer and strategic planner with a degree in philosophy. His other works include In Search of the Elusive “I”, The Other Virtual You and Groceryman.

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